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What is HRV Hero?

HRV Hero is Harness Racing Victoria’s Industry Retirement program, funded by Harness Racing Victoria and its sponsors. Hero operates with a core mission to support retired harness racehorses (standardbreds) to thrive in their lives beyond the racetrack.

Hero seeks to promote the standardbred as an exceptionally talented, versatile and sensible choice of riding partner, through collaboration with clubs, associations, businesses and riders who share this vision.

Through Hero’s partnerships with associations like the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of Victoria, Horse Riding Club Association of Victoria, and the Pony Club Association of Victoria, the many achievements of standardbreds participating in equestrian activities are celebrated. 

Hero is an ongoing supporter both of events both specific to standardbreds and those which offer awards for the Best Performed Standardbred at a general equestrian competition.

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photo by Melman Photography