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HRV HERO retrainers offer a sweeter life for Honey

Honey on arrival at Marzel Park

In conjunction with RSPCA Victoria, HRV HERO has recently welcomed a new program horse to be placed with acknowledged retrainers Nicole Touzel and Clay Cant of Marzel Park.

Honey, a nickname to describe her sweet nature, is an 11-year-old unraced and unnamed standardbred mare.

When RSPCA Victoria inspectors attended Honey was found to have a Body Condition Score (BCS) of five (a ranking scale from one to five is used to determine a horse’s body condition), which indicates obesity. 

There was also evidence that Honey had suffered from laminitis, a painful condition caused by inflammation of the hooves.

RSPCA Victoria Senior Inspector Mark Goodwin said horses were a long-term commitment requiring a considerable amount of care. 

“Some horses will require special feeding plans according to age, level of activity and the climate and both underfeeding and overfeeding can result in serious welfare concerns,” Inspector Goodwin said.

“All horses need regular attention from a farrier and an equine dentist along with annual vaccinations and veterinary care.

“If people find they can no longer provide adequate care for their horses, there is no shame in surrendering them and we urge those struggling to reach out to RSPCA Victoria for assistance and advice.”

Honey’s owners acknowledged that she required intensive corrective hoof care and treatment for her laminitis, which they were, regretfully, unable to provide to her.

They agreed that it was in Honey’s best interests to be surrendered via the RSPCA to HRV HERO, to explore new opportunities presented through retraining.

With limited life experience and handling in recent years, Honey is naturally a little overwhelmed by how big the world has become in recent days.

But under the steady, skilled guide of the team at Marzel Park, Honey is expected to flourish (and attract many admirers along the way – she is a real beauty!).

You can follow Honey’s journey through retraining via the Marzel Park and HRV HERO Facebook pages.