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A New Chapter in Standardbred Love

Alex and Rosie

Grieving the loss of her beloved thirty-three-year-old standardbred Cocoa, a mare with whom she had shared a partnership for over sixteen years, Alex Simpson began the search for her next four-hooved friend.

Although Alex’s initial plans were to purchase a well-educated horse to regain her confidence with after a serious injury, she couldn’t help feeling drawn to the familiarity of the standardbred.

It was nearly a year ago to the day that Alex reached out to Hero retrainers Kim Humphreys and Rose Stacey of KARH Equestrian, to enquire about a beautiful mare whose progress she’d been tracking for some weeks.

Rosie and TB Missy

“Rosie was the first standardbred we got as Hero retrainers.  She was a mare full of personality and a really sweet nature,  explains Kim.

“The day Alex came to view Rosie, we knew she’d be the right pick.  Rose and I loved how kind Alex was with Rosie and could see it was going to be a great home and lovely match.”

The instant connection noticed by Kim and Rose was experienced firsthand by Alex.

“I took my best friend with me to view Rosie.  We both had a ride and we both fell in love!”

Rosie was purchased as a pleasure horse, so she and Alex could enjoy social rides with friends.  After attending some private lessons and Parelli clinics, Rosie and Alex formed a strong bond.

Alex had hopes Rosie would one day be passed on to her daughter to ride, however the mare’s sensational nature brought those long-term dreams forward a few years sooner than anticipated.

“My daughter, Brianna, is just three years old and already loves to take little lead-line rides on Rosie”, says Alex.

“Despite being green, Rosie has such a sweet nature and really takes care of Brianna.  It’s pretty special.”

Alex and Rosie

Alex speaks very highly of her experience purchasing a standardbred from the Hero program.

“I just love the Hero program so much and seeing these deserving horses find new homes”, says Alex.

“I’ve been involved with standies for a very long time and just adore them.  They try so hard to please and have such beautiful natures.

“I’d highly recommend anyone looking for a new horse considers a standardbred through the Hero program.”

You can meet other special standardbreds like Rosie via the Hero website:

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